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For all your Reality Capture and Additive Manufacturing Requirements

Next-Generation Intelligent Technologies

For engineers, architects and construction professionals, acquiring the right tools can be crucial to completing a project. To meet the demands of manufacturing and industry, our leading brands are some of the most inventive and trusted names in intelligent technology.

Not only do they offer products with the highest accuracy ratings available on the market today, but their intuitive designs also make achieving desired results faster and easier than ever before, revolutionising industrial operations now and into the future.

Survey Accessories

  • Laser Accessories

    High quality laser level accessories including tripods and staffs, targets, detectors and wall mounted bracket from Topcon & Synergy.

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  • Tripods

    Top quality wooden tripod & excellent choice as a stable platform for theodolites, heavier Total Stations & GPS equipment available now from Synergy.

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  • Tribrachs and Adapters

    Tribrach with bulls eye bubble, smooth accurate clamp & optical plummet for precise set up over ground mark available now from Synergy Positioning Systems.

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  • Levelling Staves

    Synergy Positioning Systems deals with well-known brands for leveling staves as well as range poles like Topcon, Seco, GXI and Senshin.

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  • Setout Equipment

    The Marksman products are designed for the Total Station Surveyor looking for an accurate, effective and hands-free approach to targeting.

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  • Prisms and Holders

    Synergy provides a range of precise prisms and holders. The prisms supplied here are made from top quality optical glass and created to the highest specifications.

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