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How We're Different

Synergy is 100% Australasian owned and operated and brings you over 30 years of sales, support and consultancy experience, utilising the latest innovative technologies.
With offices throughout New Zealand, Australia, USA and Asia our experienced team is always on hand to offer comprehensive after-sales support, product training and servicing, giving you the confidence and skills to get the best out of your equipment.

We want to be found where our customers go to develop, engage and find resources.

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We enable you to:

Synergy Group 2024
Revolutionise your business operations with our groundbreaking technology, unlocking unparalleled possibilities for growth and advancement.
Synergy Group 2024
Seamlessly integrate new technology into your existing systems, empowering you to stay ahead of the competition and make informed strategic decisions.
Synergy Group 2024
Say goodbye to manual processes, bottlenecks, and costly mistakes and streamline your workflows and optimise efficiency like never before.
Synergy Group 2024
Empower your workforce with the tools they need to excel. Your team will be equipped to achieve more in less time, driving productivity levels to unprecedented heights.
Synergy Group 2024
Don't settle for mediocrity when you can thrive. Take the leap today and revolutionise your business, setting new standards for success and leaving your competitors in the dust!

We Are Eager to Work with Your Team

We are constantly searching the globe for the latest advances and innovations to share with organisations that strive for excellence in construction, manufacturing, logistics, infrastructure, agriculture and healthcare.

We enable technological transformation through our suite of progressive businesses specialising in the ideation, creation, sale, service and rental of intelligent technologies.

Synergy Group 2024

Reality Capture

The potential of reality capture extends beyond these core applications. From generating accurate bills of materials to simulating construction schedules and manufacturing processes, this technology is transforming how we design, build, and make things.

So, buckle up, the future of construction and manufacturing is about to get a whole lot more real!

Synergy Group 2024

Additive Manufacturing

The road ahead for additive manufacturing is bright, with constant advancements in materials, printing speeds, and automation. Soon, 3D printing might not just be for prototypes and niche applications, but a mainstream force shaping the built environment and the products we use every day.

So, keep your eyes peeled – the future is being printed, one layer at a time.

Synergy Group 2024


Hiring cutting-edge equipment opens a vault of advantages. Ditch the hefty upfront costs and keep your capital flowing. Grab the latest technology, from next-gen scanners to powerful 3D printers, without the commitment of ownership.

Test-drive the future and find the perfect fit for your needs. It's smart, flexible, and puts you at the forefront of innovation; join the HireBotics revolution!

machine control



We have recently diversified and Aptella is now your Authorised distributor for TOPCON machine control and survey instruments.

Our Values

Our Mission

Our Mission

Sparking Innovation: Picture a child's eyes lighting up at the sight of a firefly. That's the spark Synergy Group ignites – not just in children, but in individuals and businesses of all ages.

We believe innovation shouldn't be confined to labs or locked behind hefty price tags. Through rentals, sales, and personalised services, we democratise cutting-edge tech, making it a playground for everyone. Imagine drones surveying farms, 3D printers crafting custom prosthetics, or AI optimising workflows – all within reach thanks to Synergy Group.

We're not just selling tools, we're fuelling a revolution where everyone can be a maker, an innovator, a spark that ignites progress.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Growth Beyond Numbers: Growth for Synergy Group isn't just about profit margins and market share. It's about seeing businesses empowered by automation, families connected through immersive experiences, and communities uplifted by sustainable solutions.

We offer the tools, but the real growth happens when our clients unlock the potential within. Imagine farmers using data-driven insights to boost yields, healthcare providers leveraging AI for faster diagnoses, or artists creating virtual worlds that bridge continents.

We're not just a service provider, we're a catalyst for growth, a partner in progress, a bridge between technology and its boundless potential to improve lives.

Our Vision

Our Vision

The Future, Accessible Today: The future isn't some distant horizon – it's happening right now, and Synergy Group is your launchpad. We don't wait for technology to trickle down, we make it gush upwards, putting the power of tomorrow in your hands today.

Rent a robotic arm for your next project, experiment with virtual reality training, or explore the possibilities autonomous solutions. No more waiting for "one day" – with Synergy Group, the future is your playground.

Embrace it, experiment, learn, and grow. The key is in your hand, the door to the future is open, and Synergy Group is your guide

What Our Customers Say

Today, the world moves extremely fast. The interest level of filtering through pages of information to find out if a company or product is a good fit is waning quickly. 

Mark Wharekawa
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Steve Bowden
Kane Barry
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"Synergy has enabled us to bring the work site to our offices, reducing time spent onsite and eliminating the need for repeated site visits confirming missed details. The ability to share this information with clients in a virtual environment offers the ability to collaborate between various disciplines."

Mark Wharekawa - Engineering Programme Manager, PATTON Engineering

"Synergy's commitment to delivering exceptional surveying services, combined with their ability to seamlessly integrate with our team, deserves high praise. Their work ethic, expertise, and personable nature made them invaluable assets to our Works. They maintained open lines of communication, patiently addressing any questions or concerns we had along the way. Their professionalism and positive attitude made the entire experience enjoyable. I would happily work with Synergy again; they exceeded our expectations and played a vital role in the success of our project. We look forward to working with them again in the future."

Sam Champion - Senior Project Engineer, Airports/Defence FULTON HOGAN 

"Cheal's focus is to market to the growing NZ manufacturing industry, partnering with Synergy has enabled us to do this."

Steve Bowden - Licensed Cadastral Surveyor, CHEAL Consultants

"Our new GPS system enabling millimetre accuracy! With our aim to provide innovative technology in the concrete industry we have now taken our slipform machine to a new level of accuracy and efficiency by adding TOPCON GPS. We are extremely happy with how it is performing and can't thank the team from Synergy enough for the smooth install. Safe to say, this will be a great investment!"

Kane Barry - Managing Director, SLIPFORM NZ

"Thanks to all of Synergy - thank you all for the great continuing service. We've managed to finish the project and close out all of the NCR's as well, finally!"

James Devoy - Project Manager, BORAL

Our Clients

Fulton Hogan
Porter Group
NZ Transport

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