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Large-Scale Applications


FARO Vantage Laser Trackers

FARO Vantage Laser Tracker

Optimise Throughput While Maintaining High-Inspection Accuracy

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Large-Scale Applications

Streamline the process of measuring large parts, molds, assemblies, and machines with the portable FARO Vantage Laser Trackers. No need for a special inspection area, these trackers allow for on-site measurement that is easy, fast, and reduces inspection cycle times by up to 75%. Simply track a target from one point to another on the object being measured to obtain 3D coordinates in seconds.

Synergy Group 2024

NEW Vantage Max

Introducing the VantageS6 Max and VantageE6 Max Laser Trackers - now with enhanced 6DoF probing for greater accuracy. Say goodbye to time-consuming device moves and hello to faster inspections. With the impressive precision of the Vantage Max, you can now probe more points even beyond your line of sight, without the need for tooling changes. Experience a 20% boost in productivity compared to lower accuracy probes.

Synergy Group 2024

Reduce Inspection Cycle

Sunseeker, a leading luxury yacht manufacturer, has revolutionised its production process with the help of FARO solutions. By implementing a Vantage Laser Tracker and Tracer Laser Projector, Sunseeker has supercharged its efficiency, reducing build times and elevating quality standards. These game-changing tools have also slashed inspection cycle times by an impressive 50% to 75%.

Experience Large-Scale, High-Accuracy, Portable Dynamic 6DoF Probing

Introducing the Vantage Max: the ultimate tool for organizations to streamline product inspection and measurement. With its incredible portability and precision, it revolutionizes the way products and parts are built, inspected, and measured. Boost your throughput without compromising on inspection accuracy.

Unleash the Full Potential of the Vantage Laser Tracker

Business Value of Focus Laser Scanners

Improve Quality

Discover precise defect detection and streamlined reporting with advanced 3D inspections. Elevate manufacturing quality through unbeatable accuracy in alignment for machinery and robotic systems.

Enhance Yield

Boost your productivity with quick troubleshooting and root-cause analysis. Armed with vital information, your team can make smarter decisions, solve problems faster, and maintain a competitive edge.

Increase Throughput

Boost your production rates and minimize downtime with Vantage Max. Experience higher throughput and increased efficiency. Our revolutionary 6DoF probing ensures accurate inspections, saving time and reducing device moves.

Accelerate Revenue

Accelerate your production process and get your products to market faster. Empower your team with instant access to critical information, enabling them to make smarter decisions and proactively address issues before they become problems. Stay ahead of the competition with our cutting-edge installation solutions.

Choose the Perfect Vantage Laser Tracker for Your Needs

Synergy Group 2024


Experience the Ultimate in 3DoF and 6DoF Performance

Experience the power of precision with our top-performing laser tracker. With a measurement range of up to 80m and a 6DoF probing capability, this tracker is designed to maximize inspection throughput.

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Superior Performance with 3DoF and 6DoF

Introducing a powerful laser tracker with a measurement range of up to 35m and 6DoF probing capability. Experience maximum inspection efficiency with this innovative tool.

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Experience the Ultimate in 3DoF Performance

Get precise measurements with the VantageS, which offers a whopping 80m measurement range. Perfect for big volume applications!

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Superior Performance with 3DoF

Experience the power of the VantageE with its impressive 35m measurement range, all made possible with the SMR technology.

FARO Vantage Laser Tracker Features

ActiveSeek Technology

Track a moving target, even when it's hidden, using the widest field of view in the industry. Take control of the laser tracker using your mobile device.


Experience the groundbreaking handheld 6Probe - equipped with versatile kinematic styli for unrivaled 6DoF measurement capabilities. Discover the power to capture hidden areas that lie beyond the naked eye's reach.

Fast Data Acquisition

Fast-track high-speed motion control and high-density scanning with rapid data capture.

Absolute Distance Measurement (ADM)

Enhanced precision with the Integrated Absolute Distance Measurement System (iADM). Achieve accurate distance and angle measurements using a single beam of eye-safe Class 1 laser.

3D Metrology Applications

Fast, Accurate As-built Capture and Modelling

Achieve precision and impeccable standards in large part production, assembly guidance, robot calibration, and tool manufacturing. Experience the power of Vantage Max Laser Trackers from FARO, trusted by leaders in cutting-edge industries like aerospace and shipbuilding. Unleash speed and accuracy in creating advanced parts, assemblies, and composites.

Improving Quality Control for Large Parts

Increase inspection efficiency by up to 75% with the Vantage Max Laser Trackers. These powerful devices provide a faster and more accurate way to inspect large parts, assemblies, and composites. By creating a digital record of actual versus nominal data, they ensure that your products meet specifications for complete quality assurance.

Accelerate the Creation of Large Components and Assemblies

Get ahead in the design process and product improvement efforts with Vantage Max Laser Trackers. Perfect for both replacement parts and documenting as-built products and tooling. Our trackers guarantee precision in rapid prototyping and seamlessly integrate with reverse engineering software.

Download Vantage Max Brochure Download Vantage Brochure

Performance Specifications

  VantageS6 Max VantageE6 Max
Select SMR Range 0 – 80ma 0 – 35m
7/8” and 1.5” SMR Range 0 – 60m 0 – 35m
.5” SMR Range 0 – 30m 0 – 30m
Minimum 6DoF Range 2.5m
Maximum 6DoF Range 15m
Angular Accuracyb 20μm + 5μm/m
Distance Accuracyb 16μm + 0.8μm/m
Distance Resolution 0.5μm
Probing Accuracyc 50μm + 5μm/m
6DoF Maximum Roll 360 degrees
6DoF Maximum Pitch and Yawd 25 degrees (compounded)
Level Accuracy +/- 2 arcseconds
Data Rate 1000 points per second
Camera Field of View 50 degrees
Laser Emissione Class 1 laser product: 630-640nm laser, 0.39 milliwatt max/cw


  VantageE6/S6 Max 6Pr0be
Temperature 0 to 40°C 0 to 40°C
Humidity 0 to 95% non-condensing 0 to 95% non-condensing
Altitude -700 to 9000m -700 to 9000m
Ingress Protectionf IP52 IP 52
Size (W x H x D) 240 x 416 x 240mm 112 x 285 x 140mm (with 50mm tip)
Weight 13.4kg (29.5lbs) 886 grams (with battery & 50mm tip)
AC Power 100-240V, 75W N/A
Battery Power 8 hours continuous operation (2 batteries) 2-4 hours continuous use, 8+ hrs typical
Data Rate 1000 Hz 1000 Hz
Connectivity Ethernet RJ45 supporting gigE or WLAN (802.11n or earlier) FHSS RF Module (ISM band)

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