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Buildera Crackmon XL 15040A Crack, Fissure and Expansion-Joint Monitor

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The new CRACKMON® XL 15040A Crack, Fissure and Expansion-Joint Monitor is a large-format differential-displacement scientific instrument for measurements of extra-wide cracks, fissures, and expansion joints. A massive -55 to +105 mm measurement range with a unique offset scale supports a peak-to-peak differential motion displacement of 160 mm on the X (horizontal) axis and 40 mm on the Y (vertical) axis. This is more than three-to-four times the measurement range of classic crack monitoring devices.


  • Applications requiring wide dynamic range
  • Bridges, culverts, highways, transportation infrastructure
  • Compromised concrete structures
  • Expansion-joint displacement vs. temperature/RH%
  • Insurance-risk assessment
  • Mining/geological fissure crack monitoring
  • Seismic-event forensic analysis
  • Sinkhole structural monitoring
  • Unreinforced masonry buildings (URM/URB)
  • Utilities/energy

Features and Benefits

  • Extreme Measurement Range: 150 mm (X) and 40 mm (Y)
  • Rugged: Heavy-duty, crystal-clear polymer will not yellow
  • High Measurement Accuracy: Brilliant color measurement grid includes Buildera's innovative polar magnitude and X-Y displacement with precision TickPoints™ to improve visual measurement accuracy
  • Engineering Traceability: Unique serial IDs yield unprecedented engineering traceability in a crack monitor
  • GEOQR™ Technology: Scan for online instructions, ordering, and geolocation tagging
  • VARICORNER™ Corner Mounting: Optional custom-formed corner-mounting adapters support any required corner mounting angle
  • Secure TAMPERLOK™ Installation: Exclusive Epoxy-Grip™ Technology assures ultra-strong bonding to substrate when mounting with epoxy
  • Co-branding Program:  Custom branding options available—consult Buildera for program details

Detailed Description

Cartesian X-Y and Polar Measurements

The CRACKMON XL 15040A includes an improved measurement grid first introduced in the original CRACKMON 4020A. The new polar-magnitude measurement function computes the angular hypotenuse (magnitude) of change from the zero-crossing. That's why we call it 2D+.

Exclusive TickPoints™

To improve reading accuracy over the entire range, the measurement grid includes Buildera's patent-pending TickPoints™ at 1 x 1 mm intervals. TickPoints improve measurement accuracy as the measurement cross-hairs traverse the grid. This is particularly helpful when the two plates are no longer parallel.

Vibrant, High-Contrast Measurement Grid

For  ultimate readability, we print the new CRACKMON XL 15040A in five process colors, including a high-contrast rich-black text, UV-cured over a thick double layer of brilliant opaque white ink. The result is a bright, bold measurement grid with a 2X contrast improvement that's much easier to read over a wide range of lighting conditions.

Engineering Traceability to the Crack

To improve engineering traceability, each crack monitor features a 15-character serial number that tracks the country of origin, design revision, and unique ID. This ensures engineering traceability in the field and offers a significant benefit and professionalism in forensic analysis.

Buildera GEOQR™ Mobile Installation Instructions and Tips

To put information at your fingertips, an imprinted QR code works with your mobile phone to access installation instructions and other helpful data, wherever you may be. Automatically retrieve product specifications and reorder using your mobile phone.

Flexible, Tamper-Resistant Mounting Options

Improved mounting options now include both horizontal and vertical slots, optimally sized to accept M5 fasteners. Optionally available is a stainless-steel Torx-Plus® tamper-resistant mounting kit and anchors. To avoid damaging the crack monitor, Buildera also supplies corrosion-resistant stainless-steel washers to help distribute the load for a secure installation.

Available in Bulk for Distributors and High-Volume End Users

Buildera offers the CRACKMON XL 15040A singly or in bulk packs for distributors, resellers, and volume end-users.

Customizable with Co-Branded Options

Buildera welcomes the opportunity to customize crack monitors with your logo and website. We can even customize the QR code to redirect to your website for re-ordering. Consult Buildera for special requests and other options.

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  • Technical Specifications
  • Overall Characteristics

    • Dual Range (includes ±5 mm X-Axis Over-range): -55 to +105 mm (X), ±20 mm (Y) (standard range)
    • Dual Range (continued..): -5 to +155 mm (X), ±20 mm (Y) (offset range)
    • Visual Discrimination: ±0.5 mm, typ.
    • Engineering Traceability: Unique 15-digital serial number
    • Fastener Mounting Holes: (4) Per side
    • Recommended Fasteners: Button-head security sheet-metal screw, stainless steel (18-8 alloy) and compression washers
    • Epoxy Mounting Holes: (9) Per side: dia 3 mm x 9 places per side
    • Dimensions: 451 mm x 64 mm x 11 mm
    • Assembled Weight: 325 grams
    • Country of Origin (CoO): Engineered and made in the USA of premium materials

    Physical Material Properties

    • Material: 5.5 mm (0.220") proprietary acrylic polymer
    • Tensile Strength: 11,000 psi (ASTM D-638)
    • Flexural Strength: 117 MPa (17,000 psi), ASTM D-790
    • Tensile Impact Strength: 20 ft-lb/in^2
    • Rockwell Hardness: M-95 (ASTM D-758)
    • Specific Gravity / Relative Density: 1.19
    • Light Transmission-Total: 92%
    • Water Absorption: 0.4% by weight (ASTM D-570)


    • Thermal Expansion (ASTM D696, -30C to +30C): 54 µm/(m-°C), 30 µin/(in-°F )
    • Maximum Recommended Continuous Service Temperature: < 85°C
    • Deflection Temperature @ 264 psi (1.8 MPa): 95°C
    • Melting Temperature: 150°C
    • Self Ignition Temperature: 445°C
    • Flammability: B2
    • Flame Spread Index: 115 (ASTM E-84)
    • Smoke Density Rating: 3.4% (ASTM D-2843)