FARO Hybrid Reality Capture: Speed and Accuracy With No Trade-Offs
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FARO Hybrid Reality Capture: Speed and Accuracy With No Trade-Offs

Get ready to witness a huge shift in the world of scanning applications, where the age-old struggle between speed and accuracy is being shattered. Introducing the FARO Premium laser scanner with the cutting-edge Hybrid Reality Capture powered by Flash Technology — an extraordinary leap forward that defies traditional trade-offs. In industries like construction, architecture, and engineering, professionals have always grappled with the need for swift data acquisition without sacrificing precise measurements. But now, a new era of scanning has started.

The FARO Premium scanner, paired with their latest innovation, empowers you to break free from these limitations, unleashing unprecedented levels of efficiency and precision. Let’s explore how FARO's Hybrid Reality Capture with Flash Technology is revolutionising the 3D scanning game.

The Traditional Trade-Off: Speed vs. Accuracy

Faster scanning speeds have often come at the expense of accuracy. When time is of the essence, professionals had to sacrifice precision in favour of quick data acquisition. On the other hand, achieving higher accuracy meant longer scan times, delaying project timelines and causing frustrations. This inevitable trade-off posed a significant challenge for professionals looking to strike the right balance between speed and accuracy in their scanning processes.

The consequences of this trade-off were felt on multiple fronts. Productivity and efficiency took a hit as businesses had to navigate the battle between time and precision. Project delays, rework, and compromised data quality became common challenges, hindering progress and putting roadblocks in the way of achieving optimal results. 

Bridging the Gap: FARO’s Hybrid Reality Capture with Flash Technology

The game-changing solution to the speed-accuracy trade-off comes in the form of the FARO Focus Premium laser scanner, accompanied by groundbreaking hybrid technology. With the accuracy of a static 3D laser scanner with the speed of a panoramic camera, this powerful combination is rewriting the rules of scanning applications, unlocking a new realm where speed and accuracy come together.


The FARO Focus Premium scanner stands at the forefront of scanning technology, designed to deliver exceptional performance without compromising precision. But at the heart of this innovation lies the advanced Hybrid Reality Capture, powered by Flash Technology, which enables this state-of-the-art scanner to overcome the traditional limitations, and allows professionals to achieve rapid data acquisition and unparalleled accuracy all at once.

This new scan mode is available as an add-on subscription, and can be accessed through the FARO Stream mobile app using the cloud-based Sphere platform. This scan mode is perfect for AEC applications that require precise, large-volume 3D reality capture without sacrificing efficiency. The unique combination of quick scans with colourised 360 degree images allows users to complete up to 2 weeks of on-site work in one week, improving scanning speed by an impressive 100%. FARO President and CEO Michael Burger says: 

"Hybrid Reality Capture is a best-of-both-worlds innovation that will improve on-site productivity and deliver state-of-the-art colourised visual clarity at a highly affordable price. Industries that have made tradeoffs between capturing 3D data accurately or quickly have been waiting for this hybrid solution and we are excited to bring it to our markets."

Flash Technology revolutionises data capture, allowing for more frequent and faster scanning with a remarkable scan time of just 30 seconds. Leveraging advanced proprietary upscaling algorithms, this highly developed technology ensures that all collected points are included in the output, resulting in exceptionally crisp images, even at the same resolution as scans obtained through traditional methods.

Real-World Applications and Benefits

There’s no doubt that this technology will make a significant impact across a number of industries by allowing businesses to realise their full potential. 

In architecture, professionals can now quickly capture intricate details of structures with unparalleled accuracy, enabling precise documentation and informed decision-making throughout the design and construction process. Construction teams benefit from faster progress monitoring and quality control, allowing them to spot issues early and reduce rework, ultimately leading to cost savings and streamlined project timelines.

For the engineering field, Hybrid Reality Capture offers a game-changing solution for as-built documentation and design validation. Engineers can rely on exact measurements and comprehensive data capture to ensure seamless integration of new designs with existing structures, eliminating guesswork and ensuring project success.

Additionally, in MEP workflows, this advanced technology removes the burden of manual processes, enabling faster and more accurate retrofit and new build projects. With Hybrid Reality Capture, professionals can say goodbye to unreliable measurements and tedious tasks, embracing a new era of efficiency and reliability in their work.

These are just a few examples of how the FARO’s Hybrid Reality Capture could transform various industries, enabling professionals to achieve unmatched efficiency and accuracy.

The Future of Scanning: Enhanced Efficiency and Precision

The development of Hybrid Reality Capture with Flash Technology marks a turning point in scanning applications, eliminating the trade-off between speed and accuracy. The future holds major opportunities for increased efficiency and precision through enhanced visibility, empowering professionals to achieve remarkable results in their large-scale projects. As scanning technology evolves, we can anticipate a future where the boundaries of what’s possible continue to expand, unlocking new frontiers in various industries and driving progress forward.

If you’re ready to integrate advanced technology into your projects and take your business to the next level, get in touch with the team at Synergy today. 

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